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James A. Loeffler, CPA, CFE, CSSBB, MBA

James A. Loeffler, CPA, CFE, CSSBB, MBA


Jim's Bio

My mom used to be a professional singer (light opera) before she met my dad and started our family.  She made recordings on 78 records and sang live on KDKA in the late ‘40s.  I once asked her, "what is the most important thing to being a good musician?"  She replied, “Listen.  You have to listen to what is going on around you.”  In other words, don’t get so wrapped up in the words you’re singing or the notes you’re playing.  Those things are important.  But they mean nothing when it comes to the dynamics of a great performance.  You have to listen for key changes, knowing when and how to come in, when to back off to give the singer or soloist the space they need.  And the more you listen, the more you understand what each of your bandmates will do in different situations.  The more you listen, the more you adapt to the mood of the audience.  The more you listen, the further you can take the music.  Even the most technically brilliant musician can ruin a song if they don’t listen to what others are playing:  They cram too many notes into a solo that demands simplicity; they play too loudly; they miss key changes.

A good musician knows their role.  A great musician, like a great advisor, takes the music to a higher level by truly listening and playing off others, which elevates the performance of everyone.  They set the tone.  They lead.  They collaborate.  They earn the trust of those around them. 

That’s our focus and approach to serving you.  We understand that we play in a band.  Your band - you, your employees, your risk managers, your attorneys, your banker and investors, your wealth advisor, your tax accountant.  Regardless of whether it’s a business sale or acquisition, a risk management project, or a forensic accounting engagement, our fundamental goal is a great performance.

I founded InTune in 2004 with that goal in mind.  Since then, we’ve had some great performances:  Business sales and acquisitions; valuations; strategic planning; Sarbanes-Oxley compliance; fraud prevention and investigations; receiverships; expert witnessing.  We’ve put the right information and analysis in front of the right people at the right time so they can gain insight and make better decisions.

As we continue to grow, we’ll continue to listen to your needs, and bring the expertise, experience, insight and value you expect.

Get InTune.  We’re listening.

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