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When it Comes to Business Planning and Strategy, Think Differently About the Big Picture

There are many paths you can take to reach your destination, each requiring varying degrees of time, resources and risk.  Sometimes you take the path well-traveled.  Sometimes you take the path less-traveled.  Other times, you make your own.  Maybe you cross paths at some point.  Which path will it be?  And who do you want walking alongside you?  We don’t wave to you from the fork in the road.  We’re there with you, for as long as you need us.

Visualize and Quantify What You're Thinking

As CPAs, we have decades of experience in working with clients to create actionable business plans and strategies, having advised CEOs and boards across a variety of industries.  While we may apply forecasting, financial modeling, scenario planning and other expertise as part of our Corporate Finance services, our primary role here is to be your sounding board for big ideas.  It's our job to think critically and provide constructive feedback, so that you understand your options - options that quantify opportunities, risks, timeframes, and other key parameters.

Identify Actionable Steps and Critical Success Factors

A business plan or strategy is only as good as the steps it contains to make it happen.  While our business plans are suitable for framing, that's the last place we want to see them.  We make sure we link actionable business drivers in sales, marketing, production, customer service, and other areas to your financials, so your team can take steps and measure progress.  Our favorite plans are therefore the ugly ones:  Those with dog ears, notes in the margins, and creases.  Those are the plans that are actively being pursued and followed.

Get InTune with a Grounded Perspective on How to Achieve Your Goals

For a grounded perspective formed through decades of experience, contact us for unique yet practical strategies to achieve your goals.

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