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For more than a decade, InTune Business Advisors LLC has helped clients discover, assess and capitalize on opportunities.  Led by James A. Loeffler, a CPA, CFE, MBA and CSSBB with more than 25 years of experience, our Corporate Finance Services provide business owners with the tools, processes, and insight they need to take their businesses to the next level.  Our Corporate Finance Services cater to two distinct yet equally important groups:

  • Small business owners who don’t have a CFO but need experienced financial leadership to implement reporting structures, provide coaching on budgeting and cash flow management, and other core financial elements to support growth; and


  • Mid-cap businesses who have a full-time controller who is constrained by their day-to-day duties, and therefore require additional financial expertise and/or bandwidth with respect to financial projections, scenario planning, capital sourcing, and other special projects.

Reporting Structures and Tools

Budgeting and Forecasting

Cash Flow Management

Financial Modeling and Scenario Planning


Capital Sourcing and Strategic Partnerships

Reporting Structures and Tools: Get InTune for Better Visibility, Insight and Decision-Making

If you’re only reviewing your monthly financial statements, you’re not seeing the right information you need to grow.  The good news is that the right information is available in your accounting or ERP system, and we put it at your fingertips.  From QuickBooks to SAP, we listen and provide insight to clients who need better and actionable information on a consistent basis.  Moreover, our expertise in Microsoft® Excel and Visual Basic for Applications delivers customized, automated solutions for faster decision-making.  Examples include:

  • Weekly cash flow forecasts
  • Exception reports (e.g., expired inventory, incorrect shipments, past-due receivables, etc.)
  • Multi-dimensional profitability reports (e.g. gross margin by product by region, etc.)
  • Project pricing tools
  • Budgeting templates, including comparison to actual

We believe that information should be easy for you and your team to access, analyze, share and act upon.

Budgeting and Forecasting: Get InTune for a Clear and Manageable Roadmap

There is nothing like a budget to set goals and manage expectations.  Sometimes, however, creating and managing budgets and forecasts is easier said than done.  Perhaps you’re a small business owner and just need some coaching and help with creating a simple, realistic and manageable budget.  We’re listening.

Perhaps you own a larger business, which adds another layer of complexity:  You budget at one level, but your accounting system tracks revenues and costs at a different level, which requires spreadsheet gymnastics that rival Simone Biles; It’s difficult to break the overall budget down by department to an actionable level without your Accounting Department having to work a second shift; add version control challenges, and it’s no wonder why budgeting can be such a frustrating and unproductive endeavor.

Regardless of your company’s size, we believe that budgets should be realistic, actionable, manageable, and of course, informative.   Each of our CPAs has the practical experience to make sure your budgets, forecasts, and subsequent reports have these characteristics.  We know what works and what doesn’t.  We’ve coached business owners on estimating annual sales and the resources required to achieve and deliver on them.  We’ve eliminated the bottlenecks, solved the data mapping issues, and streamlined budget vs. actual reporting for larger companies.

Cash Flow Management: Get InTune with Your Most Important Business Metric

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business.  Unless you’re consistently monitoring inflows and outflows at the right level, you’ll lose sight of the single most important business metric.  The 13-week cash flow forecast is a must-have for every business, and we want to make sure you can easily input and update customer, supplier, payroll and other information.  Having a clear picture of the nature, timing and extent of cash flows allows you to anticipate and avoid shortfalls and put excess cash to work.  It also provides you with better information when negotiating customer and vendor payment terms.

Financial Modeling and Scenario Planning: Get InTune to See What You’re Thinking

Where should we put our distribution center?  What happens if market penetration for this product is half or twice as fast as we expect?  What happens if our ASP is 10% below or above forecast?  What if interest rates rise or fall by 50 bps?  For more than a decade, InTune has evaluated and visualized the impact of these and other scenarios.  If you’re considering changing the structure of your supply chain, entering a new market, launching a new product, building a new plant vs. outsourcing, or any other major initiative, we can show you the impact on revenues, costs, profitability, cash flow, headcount, market share, capital structure, and just about any other business metric or characteristic you care to name.  As experts in financial modeling, our CPAs and MBAs create robust models that:

  • Quantify and qualify the risks and rewards to support major decisions;
  • Are flexible enough to accommodate inevitable changes in variables and other components;
  • Adhere to goal-constraint relationships and rules;
  • Accurately reflect input and feedback from your team; and
  • Clearly communicate results, key variables and assumptions

If you can think it, we can model it.

Benchmarking: Get InTune to Set and Achieve Your Goals

Goals may be absolute, but performance is relative. Aside from the binary question of whether you met your goal of 12% profit, how does that compare to others in your industry? What is your plan to beat the industry average of 15% and excel in other key performance metrics? Our CPAs and Lean/Six Sigma Black Belts have access to comprehensive and continually updated databases of financial performance metrics across industries, for small, mid-cap and large-cap companies. We can therefore quickly create relevant financial benchmarks after listening to you describe your company, its dynamics, competitive landscape, target markets, and other characteristics.

Capital Sourcing and Strategic Partnerships: Get InTune to Find the Right Players for Your Extended Team

Using internally-generated cash flow to support growth will only take you so far.  You will need additional financing to sustain and increase your business growth, and our approach is to listen and truly understand your goals in order to match your company with the right capital source.  Perhaps you’re looking for a strategic partner to enter a new market, increase your production capacity, or design a new product.  We have a deep and broad network of trusted capital sources and other players who are ready to listen and help you take your business to the next level.

Get InTune for On-Demand Financial Leadership

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