Compliance Programs and Audits

Get InTune for Compliance Solutions that Work for Your People - Not the Other Way Around.

InTune Compliance Programs and Audits

In a perfect world, you would have unlimited manpower, time, and resources to maintain perfect compliance, even in the face of a shifting regulatory landscape.

We understand that reality is quite different, given your limited staff, time and resources to make sure things get done the right way.  We bring four significant advantages to address your compliance challenges:

First, we are CFEs and CPAs with Big 4 auditing experience.  We’ve designed and executed audit programs that meet the requirements of laws, statutes and corporate policies.  We adhere to audit scope and work diligently and efficiently to identify and communicate results.

Second, our critical thinking and sound judgment are hallmarks of our decades of experience – experience that includes assisting in the rollout of an inaugural comprehensive compliance program, SOX 404, FCPA, corporate integrity agreements, healthcare compliance, travel and entertainment policies, contract compliance, and other initiatives.

Third, we have considerable experience in data mining and analytics.  This drives compliance audit efficiency because we speak the language of database administrators and business analysts in order to rapidly identify the location, format, and business rules surrounding required data for testing.  We can therefore work more independently to create and refresh datasets for ongoing compliance testing.

Fourth, as Lean Six Sigma Black Belts, we are process improvement experts who understand the absolute necessity of deploying efficient, process- and system-driven solutions that balance business objectives with compliance requirements.  Your people have limited time to get things done; you have limited resources to make sure they get things done the right way.  We’re here to bridge that gap.

Since 2004, we’ve advised both multi-national and middle-market companies.  For example, after helping a $400 million medical device company through its first year of Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 compliance, we assumed more responsibility in subsequent years as the only returning firm.  Over the past decade, we have led similar initiatives.  Our experience includes, but is not limited to:

We have a deep and broad understanding of how efficiently embedding compliance into business processes helps prevent or minimize regulatory violations and other related inherent business risks that can trigger fines, penalties, and losses.

Get InTune for Compliance Solutions That Meet Your Needs

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your company be more responsive and resilient in the face of an ever-shifting regulatory landscape.  We're listening.

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