Risk-Based Process Improvement

Get InTune with Your Processes:  Your Business Should be Exciting.  Your Processes?  Not So Much.

If executing certain business processes is the equivalent of going on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, you’re exposing your company to operational risk – risk that we can help you manage in a way that won’t require your team to quit their day jobs.  InTune Business Advisors’ Process Improvement services focus on eliminating bottlenecks, rework, waste, and process opacity that directly impact your company’s risk posture.

InTune Process Improvement Services

No one can deny that a robust governance, risk management, and compliance program is critical to business success, regardless of size, industry or business model.  Our process improvement services are specifically geared toward ensuring that business process functionality and compliance requirements are optimized.

For example, after helping to lead a $400M medical device company through its first year of Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 compliance, we were the only firm retained in the subsequent two years and given more responsibility. Why?  Because not only did we apply our expertise in internal controls,  but we also worked quickly and honored the time commitment each employee was making – precious time that they took away from their day job. We actively engaged cross-functional teams to map processes, so everyone could understand where the risks existed and identify what controls were in place to mitigate them.    We designed and conducted tests of those controls and worked with department leaders and process owners to develop and implement efficient solutions to cure internal control exceptions.  It was vital that those solutions did not impede employees’ abilities to do their jobs.

Another example is how we solved a freight billing issue for a manufacturer whose shipping rates were inconsistent with customer contract terms.  Not only were they out of contract compliance, but they were also foregoing the opportunity to charge freight in some cases.  As Lean/Six Sigma Black Belts (process improvement experts), we brought our process mapping, analytical, and change management skills to bear in realigning the freight billing process with contractual obligations. We worked with logistics, customer support, IT, accounting, and legal personnel for a solution that cured contract violations and allowed the company to realize additional freight revenue.

Our experience goes beyond simply working with in-house legal and compliance professionals.  We’ve managed risk-centric process improvement projects throughout just about every function within an organization:  Procurement; production; sales; marketing; warehousing; shipping; R&D; accounting; customer support; IT; and others.  What separates us is our ability to listen to the business concerns of process owners, and weave process excellence with effective risk management for solutions that work for everyone.

Get InTune for Robust and Resilient Processes

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