Who We Serve

InTune Business Advisors Has Been Serving Business Owners and Other Experts in the Greater Pittsburgh and Tri-State Area Since 2004.  Let's Get Some Coffee.

InTune Business Advisors works with owners of large and small businesses

Business Owners & Risk Managers

We help owners grow, protect and sell their businesses.  We provide Growth and Exit Planning and Risk Management services to the lower-middle-market, which we define as owners whose businesses have up to $100 million in revenue.  We work across a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:  Technology; manufacturing; service; retail; energy; construction; healthcare; and others.

We also serve risk managers in large and multi-national companies who need anti-fraud and cyber security expertise, as well as assistance with compliance issues.

InTune Business Advisors works with attorneys


We work with attorneys with particular expertise:

Our clients have specific legal needs, and we are always looking for trusted experts.

InTune Business Advisors works with wealth advisors

Wealth Advisors

We work with wealth advisors whose business owners demand high-value and tax-efficient liquidity events.  Whether it's a sale of the business to a third party or a transition plan, we understand the bigger picture of your client's life and retirement goals.  We frequently encounter other business owners who may be looking for a wealth advisor.

InTune Business Advisors works with banks and other sources of financing

Bankers and Investors

Because one size does not fit all, we work diligently to ensure the right fit between our clients' financing needs and investment parameters of members in our funding network.  Investors look to InTune for due diligence, valuation and other expertise in the acquisition/investment process.  We also help existing bank customers provide the right  information for faster lending decisions and efficient reporting.

InTune Business Advisors works with other CPAs who provide financial audit and tax return services

Other CPAs

We don't do personal or business taxes, nor do we perform compilations, reviews, or traditional financial audits.  If you are a small firm with clients who need forensic accounting services or who are contemplating a sale or acquisition, we'd love to talk to you.  We routinely refer clients to other trusted professionals for their tax return and related services.

InTune Business Advisors works with insurance professionals

Insurance Professionals

We work with insurance professionals whose clients need assistance with managing the operational risks that come with growth.   These risks may take the form of outdated policies and procedures, legacy processes or other threats.

Let's Get Some Coffee

We understand that we play in a band.  While we're very good at a few instruments, we can't play everything, nor do we want to.  That's why we're always looking for other exceptional players.  Get InTune.  We're listening.

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